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Background (mid 2007):

I Blame and Thank Heidi D for teaching me and others to make yarn hair falls. Ever since the workshop she ran a couple years back, I've been buying all the inexpensive / closeout / sale yarn I see. In the last few months, I collected several hundred skeins of yarn in almost every imaginable color.

At the Santa Cruz Burning Man de-compression party, fellow burner Sparkle Plenty inspired me to consider making some hair falls for sale online by sharing her own site with me-she makes fabulous bustiers (see sparkleplentycreations.com) and teaches other to make them.

Since that time, I've been experimenting with and making hair falls of various colors and with 3 different ways of attachment: Combs, spring clips & stretchy bands.

Today (March 2008)

Its a few months since I wrote the words above in an email to some friends, and they seemed to best summarize the obsession I've had lately in making yarn hair extensions in most of the colors of he rainbow.

Click around the site and look at the pretty photos I've taken. I'm having fun making them and would encourage people to make their own. If you'd rather have someone else collect, sort cut and assemble yarn hair pieces for you, perhaps you can find something you like here.


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